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SenseLogix - intelligent energy management solutions

Comprehensive Metering Services

Complete metering and sub metering solutions designed, installed and commissioned, providing invaluable energy insight.

Multi-Utility Metering providing accurate data for cost management and valuable insight into energy usage.

Complete end to end metering services and sub metering solutions tailored specifically to meet the needs of organisations across multiple sectors.

From single site installation through to large scale or multi-site systems, SenseLogix provides robust data collection solutions enabling effective energy management.
Delivering appropriate affordable solutions across many sectors to provide accurate and reliable data every day, in real time – where required.

Sub metering enables an organisation to gain insight into where energy is used in a building and by what, helping to identify where energy is being wasted. SenseLogix provides valuable energy information through sub metering systems across a wide variety of utilities including electricity, gas, water, heat, air and renewable generation. We also monitor temperature and humidity.

SenseLogix sub metering systems collect data from many installation types and assets including lighting, plant, IT servers and racks, data centres, equipment, switchboards and final distribution. All of which is delivered through a single, easy to use EnergyLogix interface

  • EL200 Meter
  • EL100 multicube
  • El300
  • Simple Dashboard
  • Logger