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EnergyLogix PC

A PC power management solution that optimises PCs during operating hours and eliminates out of hours energy waste to reduce energy used by PCs by as much as 50%

As organisations become more digitalised in the delivery of products and services across the commercial, industrial and education sectors, PCs can account for as much as 40% of the energy bill.

By managing PCs more efficiently EnergyLogix PC can save as much as 50% off the organisations PC energy costs, even on new PCs.

EnergyLogix PC delivers energy savings from the day of implementation to start providing an immediate return on investment – ROI can often reach reach 3x your investment – with solutions capable of becoming cost positive in a matter of days, even for smaller systems.


  • Enterprise-wide PC power management
  • Easy to use system with fast policy deployment
  • Integrated PC shutdown with optional power settings
  • Activity led power optimisation
  • Scheduled Wake-on-LAN functionality
  • Automatically saves open documents on shutdown
  • Energy profiling of users, departments, cost centres, sites and the enterprise
  • Multiple deployment methods e.g. Active Directory, Novell etc


  • Lower PC energy costs by as much as 50%
  • Improved management of PC estate – saving up to £50 per PC per year
  • Eliminate out-of-hours energy waste from PCs, overcoming poor user behaviour
  • Optimises PC operation during working hours to save further costs
  • Enhanced enterprise-wide PC management
  • Simple, fast deployment of control policies
  • Gain valuable insight on PC usage, desk power profiling and occupancy