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Enterprise Energy Management

Energylogix Enterprise takes the complex array of energy consumption information from across your business and makes it easier to explore and understand than ever before.

The EnergyLogix software enables users to gain deep, practical insight into energy use within their organisation

Energy management is a journey that can become longer and more complicated with every step that you take, which is why SenseLogix believes that you should have a place to call home where everything you need can be kept safe and in one place. That place is EnergyLogix Enterprise.

EnergyLogix Enterprise enables the management of multiple buildings and multi-utilities through a single interface – access can be provided at multiple levels depending on your estate’s management strategy – by pulling together meter, building environment and system data from multiple buildings to present a holistic view of the estate.

The EnergyLogix system is data and system agnostic so will work with your existing monitoring equipment (where networked or communication enabled) and metering systems e.g. smart meters and sub metering systems etc. meaning it can be layered quickly and easily onto existing equipment, saving thousands of pounds in the process as it removes the need for replacing existing equipment.

By providing the ability to manage assets and buildings centrally, using an easy-to-use interface that is highly navigable and doesn’t need complex and expensive programming, EnergyLogix can manage whole enterprises with the click of a button, or pull multi-utility energy reports together from a mix of different, disparate system in seconds, whilst saving thousands of pounds in operation costs.

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