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SenseLogix - intelligent energy management solutions

Ideal Esco Partner

Providing a fully branded suite of tools, enabling ESCOs to offer market leading energy management software as part of their own portfolio.

SenseLogix the Number One Provider of Branded Tools for ESCOs

As an Energy Services Company (ESCO) it is imperative that any service that you offer to your client is branded, reliable and easy to use. This is why SenseLogix is the ideal partner for many ESCOs.

As the UK’s leading provider of small power control and intelligent metering systems, SenseLogix is able to offer products that set you apart from your competitors and puts your brand on a customer’s desktop …every day.

EnergyLogix is our complete web based energy management data portal that will provide your customers with access to all of their energy data online and in one place.

The SenseLogix service provides a multi layered solution designed to meet the needs of your customers, no matter how big or small they are, with specialist bolt on software modules for leisure centres, schools and data centres etc. By using SenseLogix you will also have an outsourced sub metering service to enable you to offer more granular information – all compatible with your branded service.

By arming your customers with more information you enable them to work more efficiently, save money and improve your brand perception, whilst retaining happy customers!

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