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University selects SenseLogix as a learned metering solution partner to provide a centralised energy management system.

University of Derby had a problem that is easily recognised across hundreds of organisations – different metering systems that didn’t communicate, making energy management a complicated process.

The objective was to provide a centralised energy management system that collated data from multiple systems, providing a single software solution that simplified the energy management process.

The solution implemented also included the replacement of faulty meters and the installation of new metering panels to expand on the current metering architecture.The existing systems included a Radio-Tech GPRS monitoring system for water and gas, and a PowerLogic Modbus sub metering system at switchboard level across the campus.

To collate the information the switchboards were linked via a centralised Modbus network, included the installation of a new metering panel, and the data from the Radio-Tech system was collected via FTP over the cloud.

The software solution was the EnergyLogix LIVE system that is part of SenseLogix’s Energy-Smart Building platform. This provided the university with a single user interface and an easy to use energy dashboard and reporting system.

“SenseLogix worked with our existing systems to provide a centralised and easy to use monitoring solution that simplified the entire energy management process.”
Anne Downes, Energy Officer, University of Derby

The dashboard can be managed by the end client to save money and time, and the reporting package allows the creation of reports in energy (kWh), cost (£) and carbon (COKg2) to simplify ongoing management. The system also included automated reports to improve communications with stakeholders and an alarms package for enhanced insight, issue management and energy awareness.

Key Facts:

  • Centralised energy management system
  • Multi-utility data collection
  • Real-time presentation of data
  • Advanced reporting package to improve management process
  • Simplified interface for onsite management
  • Easy to use dashboard for enhanced user engagement
  • Automated alerts for leakage detection and insight
  • Automated dissemination of reports to key stakeholders to save hours of administration time