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Case Study - Gestamp Tallent

SenseLogix drive real-time energy management at leading automotive manufacturer

Gestamp Tallent chose SenseLogix to provide a real-time, multi-utility, energy management system to support energy reduction programme

Gestamp Tallent, is one of the UK’s leading automotive assembly manufacturers. Based in the North East of England, Gestamp Tallent is a stereotypical manufacturing organisation when it comes to energy consumption; highly energy intensive with long, continuous operating hours.

Gestamp Tallent’s, energy bill exceeds several million pounds per annum across a wide range of fuels including electricity and gas, and specialist fuels such as Argon gas in their welding processes. This in itself presents a number of issues when trying to manage their consumption, as they need to monitor a wide range of fuels in order to manage their energy bill.

SenseLogix’s objective was to provide an agnostic monitoring solution that would enable the collection of data from multiple sources, real-time where possible, to support the on-going management of energy, the identification of waste and to support optimisation of production and systems, whilst simplifying the energy administration process.

A data collection system, with a mix of pulse and Modbus panels strategically placed around the main plants to pick up data from existing meters was installed to collate the distributed meter data, along with the installation of a Modbus meter system on the new plant switchboard. Metering panels also picked up data from production lines and onsite renewables.

“SenseLogix have provided a first rate data collection system with an intuitive and easy to use aM&T solution that enables me to proactively manage energy usage in real-time.”
John Lanaghan, Environmental and Facilities Manager, Gestamp Tallent

The software solution implemented was the EnergyLogix Enterprise energy management system that provides easy to use data presentation through a single dashboard, which enabled the on-site team to explore energy usage in real-time.

An advanced reporting package, with a report creation tool, enables Gestamp Tallent to build new reports themselves very quickly whilst automatically sending the reports to stakeholders via a scheduler.

Energy alarms can also be set to monitor leaks, energy caps and out-of-hours usage so they can monitor consumption performance.

6 Key Facts:

  • Single interface for all energy information
  • Real-time data collection – across multiple meter types and systems
  • Easy to use software with ability to create own reports
  • Multi-utility monitoring including electricity, mains gas, argon, PV, rainwater and compressed air
  • Information to be provided in energy (kWh, m3, hcf, air flow ), cost (£) and carbon emissions (kgCO2)
  • A system that could help reduce energy spend by 5% = £150,000 per annum